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Environmentalists Could Win the Keystone XL Battle and Still Lose the War

Will the KXL fight be environmentalists’ Vietnam?

The Vietnam War might seem irrelevant to the environmental movement’s five-year effort to stop construction of the Keystone XL pipeline that, if approved by President Obama, would bring tar sands oil from Alberta to the Texas coast for refining and shipment overseas.…
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by: James William Gibson – April 15, 2014

Sorry, But Wolf Slaughter Is Not American

Graphic Photo: Vigilantes in Wyoming Enact “Justice” Against Wolves

“Fed Up in Wyoming” reads the caption under this stunning photograph posted on a hunter's Facebook page (reproduced here under Fair Use). The photo is yet more evidence that, two years after political reactionaries led a successful campaign in the House of…
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by: James William Gibson – October 28, 2013

Proposed Removal of Gray Wolves’ Endangered Status a Case Study in the Politicization of Science

US Fish and Wildlife Service relies on taxonomical shenanigans to appease wolf haters

The US Fish and Wildlife Service’s recent announcement that it is beginning the process for removing gray wolves across the country from the protection of the Endangered Species Act surprised no one. The Fish and Wildlife Service’s mid-1990s reintroduction of gray wolves…
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by: James William Gibson – June 17, 2013

Wolf Slaughter Continues in the Rocky Mountains

Fantasies of killing become increasingly bizarre

Lynne Stone, longtime wolf advocate and executive director of central Idaho’s Boulder White Clouds Council in Ketchum, couldn’t help but laugh. For the last two years she has routinely petitioned the Idaho Dept of Fish and Game for every single “ Big…
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by: James William Gibson – January 31, 2013

Crime Accompanies Flow of Oil Workers into North Dakota

State’s Attorney General cautions that more crime is a function of more people, but locals remain wary

The fracking boom that is remaking the face of North Dakota has attracted thousands of workers to the state as people who cannot find jobs elsewhere pursue the lucrative wages in the new northern oil path. According to the US Census Bureau,…
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by: James William Gibson – December 12, 2012

Shale Oil Boom in North Dakota is Impacting Native Americans Especially Hard

Tribal members complain they aren’t receiving profits from oil rush

In just five years North Dakota (Read our Winter cover story, “Boom!”) has gone from a quiet agricultural state to a rapidly industrializing energy powerhouse. By the middle of 2012 North Dakota was producing about 660,000 barrels of oil a day, more…
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by: James William Gibson – December 3, 2012

Bombing North Dakota

Living amid the Bakken Oil Boom

photo Stephen Strathdee / In 1979, Brenda and Richard Jorgenson built a split level home in the midst of a large ranch outside the tiny town of White Earth, North Dakota. Richard’s family is from the area – his grandfather started homesteading on the plains in 1915 – and the couple’s affinity for the area runs deep. They love the land they live on: the epic sky and seemingly endless grasses…
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by: James William Gibson – Winter 2013

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