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Tar Sands Oil Ain’t Jed Clampett’s Bubblin’ Crude

Three years later, Kalamazoo River pipeline spill an omen as industry grows

Sue Connolly knew immediately that something was terribly wrong. On July 26, 2010, the resident of Marshall, a town of 7,400 in southwestern Michigan, awoke to a burning sensation in her eyes and throat that made her and her family sick. “There…
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by: Jacob Wheeler – July 25, 2013

Drowning Academic Freedom

Troubled Waters: A Mississippi River Story
Written, Produced, and Directed by Larkin McPhee

When Larkin McPhee was commissioned by the University of Minnesota to direct a documentary about the health of the Mississippi River, the filmmaker decided to focus on three critical images: the river’s watershed, which resembles a human circulatory system; the aquifer, a major source of drinking water for much of America; and a satellite image of farmland along the river valley, much of which lays bare and exposed to wind and water…
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by: Jacob Wheeler – Spring 2011

Hasta La Victoria Siempre

Residents of Vieques Pushed Out the US Navy After 60 Years of Bombing. A Sick Population Now Fights for Redress.

Jean Piere Candelier To the typical sun-starved North American tourist, Nanette Rosa’s life probably looks idyllic. When I met the 38-year-old mother in the spring of 2010 she was living in a tent on the beach with her daughters – Coral, 17, and Ainnanenuschka, 14 – just outside the village of Esperanza, on the picturesque southern coast of the Puerto Rican island of Vieques. Coral and Ainnanenuschka ate fresh fruit, swam in…
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by: Jacob Wheeler – Winter 2011

Fighting for the redwoods

Only when I hear the deafening roar of the chainsaws nearby do I realize the dangers all around me. I am climbing a 180-foot-high old-growth redwood tree nicknamed "Allah" in northern California, along with two "tree-sitters" who choose to live in a fort up in the forest canopy to prevent loggers from cutting down their beloved trees. We are trespassing on land owned by the Pacific Lumber Company (PL), and our goal…
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by: Jacob Wheeler – Spring 2004


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