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Drink Tequila if You Want, but Then Go Plant for the Bugs

As insect numbers plummet worldwide, inaction isn't an option

From time to time, insects make the news. For example, the bark beetle has snagged headlines as its range has increased due to warming temperatures, leading to the decimation of large tracks of North American forests. Other wild invertebrates, like the western…
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by: Jacob Bourne – November 2, 2017

Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Warming Arctic Pose Global Threats

Impact of the potent greenhouse gas is poorly understood, revealing an urgent need for further research

Despite the many gases in our atmosphere, studies of greenhouse gas emissions driving climate change have primarily focused on carbon dioxide and methane. Although carbon dioxide exists at much higher concentrations, the global-warming potential of other gases, molecule for molecule, is often…
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by: Jacob Bourne – August 2, 2017


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