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Blame It On Canada (and ourselves)

by Kenny Bruno

Earth Island Journal editor Jason Mark is harsh on U.S. environmental groups trying to stop the reckless expansion of the Canadian tar sands, calling them “intellectually dishonest” and “strategically lazy” because they are trying to stem the flow of Canadian tar sands…
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by: GuestBlogger – March 17, 2011

Important Environmental Organizatons and the Obama Administration Are not Standing Up for the Whales

By Sara Wan, California Coastal Commissioner
Mark J. Palmer, Associate Director, International Marine Mammal Project, Earth Island Institute

The United States has let down the whales, with the help of three groups in the environmental community who really ought to have known better: Pew Charitable Trust, Greenpeace and World Wildlife Fund (WWF). For almost forty years, the United States had…
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by: GuestBlogger – October 26, 2010

Russian, American Nuclear Groups Discuss Decommissioning

By Enid Schreibman, Director of the Center for Safe Energy

Oleg Bodrov, longtime Russian partner of Center for Safe Energy, a project of Earth Island Institute, received the Nuclear Free Future award at New York’s Great Hall at Cooper Union September 30th. He shared the stage with four other award-winners: the African…
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by: GuestBlogger – October 14, 2010

Why Conservatives Are Bad on Energy

By Tom Rooney, CEO of SPG Solar

Conservatives, take a breath. Let’s talk about energy. And why so many conservatives are so wrong — so liberal, even — on wind and solar energy. Let’s start with a recent editorial from the home of ‘free markets and free people,” the…
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by: GuestBlogger – August 31, 2010

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