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Copenhagen’s Mayor Announces Plans to Divest City from Fossil Fuels

Denmark's capital will withdraw investment fund out of all holdings in coal, oil, and gas if proposal is approved

Copenhagen’s mayor has announced plans to divest the city’s 6.9 billion kroner (£700 million) investment fund of all holdings in coal, oil and gas. If his proposal is approved at a finance committee meeting next Tuesday, as expected, the Danish capital will…
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by: The Guardian – January 29, 2016

What Is Your Nitrogen Footprint, and Who Is it Impacting?

For the first time, researchers calculate average reactive nitrogen emissions for people from 188 countries

You’ve heard of managing your carbon footprint. But how about your nitrogen footprint? Emissions of reactive nitrogen into the environment have increased more than 10-fold over the past 150 years, contribute to deaths from air pollution and water pollution, and have countless other impacts…
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by: The Guardian – January 25, 2016

Two Anti-Logging Advocates First to be Charged Under Tasmania’s Anti-Protest Laws

Protesters arrested at planned clearcut site in northwest Tasmania

Two healthcare workers protesting against the clearfelling of native forest in Tasmania have become the first people charged under the state’s controversial anti-protest laws. John Henshaw, 66, and Jessica Hoyt, 35, were in a group of nine protesters who walked on to…
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by: The Guardian – January 20, 2016

Obama Will Look for ‘Every Opportunity’ to Push Climate Plans in 2016, Experts Say

The president is likely to focus on the environment in his final year in office, and Congress can do little to stop him

Barack Obama will defend the Paris climate change agreement and forge ahead on his environmental agenda until his final days in the White House, according to analysts. And there is very little Obama’s opponents in Congress can do to stop him — unless they…
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by: The Guardian – December 29, 2015

Man Who Identified Cecil the Lion’s Killer Vows Death Will Not Be in Vain

Zimbabwean activist Johnny Rodrigues says he now has an unprecedented platform to promote conservation

For 35 years, Johnny Rodrigues has been trying to get people to pay attention to conservation issues in Zimbabwe’s Hwange national park, with limited success. Then, in July, a dentist from Minneapolis killed Cecil the lion, the park’s most famous resident, and…
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by: The Guardian – December 25, 2015

Paris Climate Deal: Nearly 200 Nations Sign In End of Fossil Fuel Era

Two decades of talks have come to this: an ambitious agreement to hold states to emissions targets – but already low-lying countries are worried

Governments have signalled an end to the fossil fuel era, committing for the first time to a universal agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions and to avoid the most dangerous effects of climate change. After 20 years of fraught meetings, including the…
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by: The Guardian – December 12, 2015

New Draft of Paris Climate Change Deal Cuts Through Many Sticking Points

Talks are ‘extremely close’ to the finish line, says French foreign minister. Leading non-government observers agree headway is finally being made

Negotiators in Paris are within reach of a new global agreement to curb greenhouse emissions to 2030 and beyond, with the French foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, saying the meeting was “extremely close to the finishing line” as he presented a draft text…
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by: The Guardian – December 10, 2015

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