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A Birthday Gift for NPS: Obama Creates Maine Woods National Monument

Decades of efforts to establish a national park in Maine’s vast North Woods region pay off

In honor of the National Park Service, which turns 100 today, President Obama yesterday signed into law the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument in Maine using his authority under the Antiquities Act. Obama’s action follows in the tradition of many other…
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by: George Wuerthner – August 25, 2016

A Park that Begs Creating

If you climb to the summit of Borestone Mountain in northern Maine and scan the northern horizon, what you see is a vast, sweeping expanse of forest and mountains, punctuated by lakes and rivers. What you don’t see are cities, highways, smokestacks, or anything at all that can be construed as a town or village. photo George WuerthnerA Maine Woods National Park could protect a landscape large enough to support viable populations…
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by: George Wuerthner – Summer 2016

At Katmai National Park, Bears and Humans Too Close for Comfort

Sightseers disturb bear feeding habits, biologists warn, but Park Service shows little willingness to redirect human traffic

One of the most awe-inspiring wildlife spectacles in the world is the scene of brown bears catching salmon at Katmai National Park. During the summer sockeye salmon runs, brown bears congregate on the Brooks River to capture salmon jumping the Brooks River…
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by: George Wuerthner – July 7, 2015

Mountain Biking Is Inappropriate In Wilderness

-George Wuerthner is an ecologist and former hunting guide who has written or edited many books including, Thrillcraft: The Environmental Consequences of Motorized Recreation. He has personally visited more than 400 designated wilderness areas. I just got back from a mountain bike ride. The trails outside of my hometown of Bend, Oregon have numerous loops and degrees of difficulty, and riding my mountain bike is a pleasant way to unwind, get some…
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by: George Wuerthner – Autumn 2014

Why Fish and Game Agencies Can’t Manage Predators

Persecution and Limited Acceptance of Predators’ Ecological Role is Still the Dominant Attitude

In the past month or so, helicopters with gunners skimmed over the Alaskan tundra and forests shooting wolves to "protect" caribou herds. In Nevada, the state fish and game agency wants to kill more mountain lions to increase mule deer numbers. In…
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by: George Wuerthner – June 7, 2011


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