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Citizen Scientists Step in to Keep the Plight of Sweden’s Forests in the Public Eye

Field guide-toting activists fight logging plans by identifying rare critters in threatened forests

Sweden is usually at the top of the list of the world’s most sustainable countries, which is why I traveled there in late 2011 to investigate claims to the contrary leveled by activists at the country's forestry sector. Home to the biggest…
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by: Erik Hoffner – March 18, 2013

Sweden’s Forestry Industry Not So Green After All

Logging Companies Routinely Abuse Country’s “Freedom with Responsibility” Forestry Framework

A recent assignment for Yale Environment 360 reporting on Sweden’s forestry industry made it clear to me that the country’s forestry model, which it likes to say is the most sustainable forestry system in the world, does not work. Restrictive federal regulations…
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by: Erik Hoffner – December 21, 2011

Forest Medieval

Poland’s Bialowieza is one of the only old growth forests in Europe. Despite being a World Heritage Site, it’s threatened by logging.

Erik Hoffner photo Poland’s Bialowieza National Park is home to some of the most impressive trees in Europe. Old growth oak, ash, spruce, hornbeam, linden, lime, and pine tower out of sight, their trunks dripping with luscious moss. For millennia these trees (some of which are more than 600 years old) have harbored legions of top carnivores, rare bugs, birds, and plants. Three packs of wolves range the park’s wilderness, along with…
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by: Erik Hoffner – Winter 2010


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