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A Bumpy Ride

Guyana’s low-carbon development effort hasn’t been smooth sailing.

Guyana is the kind of place where anteaters and jaguars amble across the road, where Amerindians still follow the rhythms of the land, where you can sidle up to the very edge of a 740-foot waterfall and peer into the abyss. I’ve had countless wild encounters during my two trips to this country on South America’s Caribbean coastline several years ago: harpy eagles with mohawk feathers riffling; a piranha jumping into my…
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by: Erica Gies – Winter 2018

Solar Panels: The Next eWaste?

In recent years the electronics industry has gained notoriety for creating an endless stream of disposable products that make their way at life’s end to developing countries, where poor people without safety gear cut and burn out valuable materials, spilling contaminants into…
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by: Erica Gies – September 2, 2010

Oil, gas and the grizzly

Energy exploration may push Yellowstone’s charismatic megafauna over the edge

A burly brown grizzly strides across a meadow in Yellowstone National Park in late spring, as the last light of day filters through the cloud cover. Elk and bison look up from their grazing. The bear, weak from hibernation, is focused on procuring easy meals, such as scavenged bison carcasses and the tiny white blossoms and corms of spring beauties that speck the forest edges. A keystone species in several ecosystems, the…
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by: Erica Gies – Winter 2003


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