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Marine Animals Continue to Die of Mysterious Cause in Indian River Lagoon

Scientists perplexed over record dolphin, manatee, and pelican deaths in “distressed” estuary

The mysterious die-offs of marine life in parts of the 156-mile Indian River Lagoon have perplexed scientists, alarmed environmentalists, and angered local citizens. Over the past year, record numbers of dolphins, manatees and pelicans have been found dead in the estuary that…
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by: Eleanor K. Sommer – October 10, 2013

Supreme Court Ruling in Florida Wetlands Case Not Quite the Win Developers Claim

Decision might lead state agencies to just say “no” to wetland development rather than risk a lawsuit, say experts

Earlier this summer, the Supreme Court ruled on a 16-year-old Florida case that didn’t make too many headlines but is bound to have long-term implications for how state land-use agencies decide to hand out development permits on environmentally critical lands. Photo by…
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by: Eleanor K. Sommer – August 27, 2013

Reduced Freshwater Inflow to Florida Panhandle to Blame for Oyster Die-off

Low catch adds to woes of oyestermen struggling to stay afloat in a tough economy

When oystermen in Apalachicola Bay pulled up bags from their winter harvest grounds last year, 95 percent of the oysters were already dead. The discovery sent shockwaves through the oyster-fishing community in Franklin County, FL. Photo by Nolan WilliamsonIn Apalachicola you either…
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by: Eleanor K. Sommer – January 18, 2013

Despite Heavy Rain, Drought Continues to Affect Florida Springs and Rivers

Continued draining of wetlands, lakes, and the aquifer for public utilities, agriculture, and industry are making conditions worse

The summers have been dry for years. And quiet. No chorus of frogs. No dragonflies. No mosquitoes. No rain. Mowers have been silent. The grass brittle and brown. Leaves crunched underfoot as I walked along our creek near Gainesville, FL. No water—only…
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by: Eleanor K. Sommer – July 30, 2012

Fountains of Life in Peril

Florida’s Famed Springs Threatened by Unsustainable Groundwater Extraction

There are more than one thousand artesian springs in Florida – prehistoric, beautiful, world-famous – and endangered from drought, pollutants, overconsumption, and overuse. Due to its unique geology, north-central Florida has one of the highest concentrations of freshwater springs in the world,…
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by: Eleanor K. Sommer – July 2, 2012


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