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Green Design Has More Impact When Local Residents are Involved in the Planning Process

As cities add rain gardens and bioswales and sidewalk trees, they find involving the public ensures good stewardship

Raindrops are falling slow and heavy on the concrete walkways, children’s playgrounds, and brick, V-shaped apartment buildings of the Bronx River Houses, one of New York City’s largest housing projects. But today’s rain won’t slide off the roofs, walkways, and hard-packed lawns…
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by: Eilís O'Neill – October 19, 2015

In Seattle, an Ongoing Effort to Save the Region’s Green Spaces

The Mountain to Sound Greenway Trust aims to find a happy balance between development and wildlands protection

Whenever I go back to Seattle after a long time away, I’m struck by how green it is. The streets are lined with trees; there are parks everywhere; and I can see snow-covered peaks to the west, the east, and the south.…
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by: Eilís O'Neill – September 1, 2014

Chile Finally Gets Tough on Mining Industry

New Environment Superintendent cracking down on domestic and foreign operations

Chile’s new office of the Environment Superintendent was only five months old when, last May, it took the country by surprise: It slammed the largest gold-mining company in the world, the Canada-based Barrick Gold Corporation, with a $16 million fine for water…
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by: Eilís O'Neill – March 26, 2014

Environmentalists in Uruguay Fight New Open-Pit Mining Law

Recent vote opens up South American country to large-scale mining

A new mining law in Uruguay has unleashed a debate in the South American country between those who say Uruguay could benefit economically from big mining projects and those who say the environmental and social costs are too high. Photo by Mac…
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by: Eilís O'Neill – November 12, 2013

Harvard’s Timber Plantation Causing Environmental and Social Havoc in Argentina

Local residents join with Harvard students to ask university to be a better neighbor

Timber plantations owned by Harvard University may be harming northern Argentina’s Iberá Wetlands and the communities in the wetlands region, according to a report recently published by the Responsible Investment at Harvard Coalition and the Oakland Institute. Emilio Spataro, the president of…
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by: Eilís O'Neill – November 4, 2013

The Fracking Debate Moves to Argentina

Industry and environmentalists are gearing up for a fight over the country’s energy future

Argentina has an energy problem. The country imports more than $10 billion of gas and oil every year — a number that amounts to the country’s entire trade deficit. As a result, the value of the Argentine peso has fallen dramatically, contributing…
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by: Eilís O'Neill – October 7, 2013


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