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Why the Congress Shouldn’t Open Our Wilderness Areas for Mountain Bikes

This will be interesting. A handful of mountain biking enthusiasts have drafted the “Human-Powered Wildlands Travel Management Act of 2015.” Their draft does not deal with the hiking, backpacking, kayaking, and canoeing that millions enjoy in wilderness areas. Their goal here is…
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by: Doug Scott – December 15, 2015

The Lush Life of Our “Harsh,” “Inhospitable” Deserts

Often simplified in books and movies, deserts have much to offer

If you’ve seen Lawrence of Arabia, you cannot forget a sun-smacked Peter O’Toole dressed in an Arab robe and headdress as Omar Sharif on his camel appears myth-like out of the endless horizon. (If you’ve not seen the film, do.) That is…
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by: Doug Scott – June 26, 2015

The Night Sky: A Wilderness Obscured

photo: © Joe LeFevre / NBP/ Wilderness We guard our homes and cities with light – first fires, then candles, then whale oil lamps, then Edison’s incandescent bulbs, and now (if you’re feeling green) compact fluorescent bulbs. But all of this light obscures as much as it illuminates. Amid the brightness of our cities we’ve lost our connection with a night that is dark and mysterious. Most of us no longer regularly…
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by: Doug Scott – Autumn 2014


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