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The Not-So-Great Part of Richard Muller’s Conversion from Climate Skeptic to Believer

Berkeley scientist’s advocacy of natural gas extraction via “clean fracking” is troubling

Richard Muller never denied that Earth was getting warmer, he told me over coffee last February. But he was skeptical of the scientific consensus on climate change because of what he viewed as systematic flaws in the major climate change studies that…
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by: Claire Perlman – August 15, 2012

Curiousity to Land on Mars in Two Days

NASA's space rover on track to begin most ambitious and adventurous mission to the Red Planet

Faced with budget constrictions, NASA has had to wind down its space exploration programs, leaving international and private space organizations to take the lead — but not before one last mission to Mars. Image courtesy NASAAn artist's concept of NASA's Mars Science…
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by: Claire Perlman – August 3, 2012

Climate Change will Spur More Frequent Wildfires, says Study

More Fires Will Lead to Major Shifts in Vegetation and Wildlife

The planet is getting hotter — hot enough to start fires. The Yellowstone National Park area is used to wildfires. Very severe fires break out in the region on an infrequent basis, killing trees and initiating secondary growth. But a study published…
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by: Claire Perlman – August 3, 2011

A Case for Big Wildlife

Decimation of Large Predators and Herbivores Has Caused Widespread Ecosystem Disruption

A planet without the big predators that usually inspire fear — lions, sharks, and wolves — would be scarier than a planet with them. According to a study published in the journal Science, the disappearance of major predator and big herbivore populations,…
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by: Claire Perlman – July 27, 2011

Amazon Facing New Threat: Agent Orange

Ranchers use Herbicide as a Stealthy Way to Clear the Rainforest

Agent Orange was as deadly as guns in the Vietnam War, killing or injuring an estimated 400,000 people. Decades later, the herbicide is being used to kill again — this time, on the Amazon rainforest. In recent weeks, authorities have discovered ranchers…
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by: Claire Perlman – July 13, 2011

Yellowstone Oil Spill Highlights Need for Better Safety Rules

Accident Another Blow to Exxon's Reputation in Montana

When an Exxon Mobil pipeline broke in Montana last week, 1,000 barrels of crude oil spewed into the Yellowstone River, seemingly a mere leakage compared to the 4.9 million barrels of oil that flowed into the Gulf of Mexico from BP’s ruptured…
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by: Claire Perlman – July 6, 2011

Herbicide Associated with Birth Defects in Infants

Atrazine — Banned in EU but Used in US — Linked to Gastroschisis

Atrazine, an herbicide that is dumped in quantities of 80 million tons a year across crop fields and residential lawns in the United States, has been blamed for turning male frogs into females, causing prostate and breast cancer in mice, and forcing…
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by: Claire Perlman – June 29, 2011


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