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What if Ecocide Were a Punishable Crime?

Trial Part of Campaign to get UN to Declare Mass Destruction of Ecosystems an International Crime

Tomorrow, a trial in the halls of United Kingdom’s Supreme Court in London will try two top business executives for Ecocide — the destruction of ecosystems to such an extent that people can no longer live in an area in peace. Photo…
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by: Chris Milton – September 29, 2011

Clean Your Plate

Food waste contributes to greenhouse gas emissions

A startling new report from the UK has demonstrated the impact food waste can have upon a country’s carbon emissions and water footprint. The report, published by WWF-UK and the UK government’s Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), says that potentially avoidable…
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by: Chris Milton – April 26, 2011

England Puts Off Selling Public Woodlands

Quite simply, the people rebelled

A huge argument over the future of forestry in the UK came to a dramatic end last week when the Prime Minister, David Cameron, publically backed down and admitted he was unhappy with his government’s policy. But what was the fuss about…
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by: Chris Milton – February 24, 2011

Crude World

By Peter Maas
288 pages, Knopf, 2009

Oil permeates our world. From the gas in our cars to the plastic on our keyboards it dominates our behavior, whether we embrace it or not The concern about oil was once greenhouse gas emissions, but the BP disaster has highlighted how the simple act of extraction is fraught with danger. Crude World, by Peter Maas, looks at all that surrounds extraction, in chapters named after the basest of human instincts, such…
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by: Chris Milton – Autumn 2010


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