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Kevin Connelly

Guerrilla marketing is all the rage these days, and rapidly becoming a part of every non-profit fundraisers arsenal of techniques. But though it may be the flavor of the week, Earth Island Institutes Associate Director Kevin Connelly has an advantage over all his guerrilla-marketing colleagues at other organizations: hes got years of experience in gorilla marketing. Before coming to Earth Island Institute, Connelly spent over six years working as Development Director with…
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by: Chris Clarke – Spring 2006

A Big Arm

On October 29, 1979, on the 50th anniversary of the great stock market crash of 1929, I went with some friends to Washington, DC to demonstrate at the Department of Energy offices on L’Enfant Plaza. It’s an action that some of you young folks—and even some of you old folks—might not have heard about. We were protesting the DoE’s work on nuclear weapons, we assembled peacefully if stridently at the Department offices,…
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by: Chris Clarke – Autumn 2004

Post-election map

Since the election, I've seen a lot of so-called "progressives" saying incredibly insulting things about people in the "red states"... people who live in states that went to Bush in the Electoral College. I've read calls for secession, calls for cutting off federal funding to those states, calls for letting the people there drift into theocratic fascism on their own without the benefit of the enlightened folks in the cities. "They hate…
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by: Chris Clarke – Spring 2005

Bad news, good news

From the effects of the tsunami in December to the renewed Bush administration assault on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the world has been awash in very bad news these days. We should know. Our jobs here at Earth Island Journal involve paying close attention to that bad news and sifting through it, finding the worst to bring to your attention. Thus, we are especially sensitive to the effect bad news can…
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by: Chris Clarke – Summer 2005

From the editor

I told myself this issue's note from the editor wouldn't mention the US president. Even we at the Earth Island Journal do get tired of paying attention to bad news, after all: I planned to take one of the many small-scale victories that have happened over the last few months and draw it into a metaphor for the larger, hopeful trends that we like to emphasize where possible. But this weekend, just…
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by: Chris Clarke – Winter 2004

A Pervasive Presence

The last three months have seen a rather startling number of news stories about wildlife species showing up where they weren’t expected. In June, biologists announced a breeding pair of least Bell’s vireos had been spotted in California’s Central Valley, likely the first such pair there in 40 years. The Central Valley’s riparian forest habitat is one of the most endangered ecosystems in the US, with more than 90 percent of its…
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by: Chris Clarke – Autumn 2005


One of the tough things about this job is that working with so many passionate, committed activists, and being charged with representing their work to our readership, it’s hard to avoid coming close to hagiography. This was certainly the case, and still is, with Earth Island’s founder, Dave Brower. With a resume like Dave’s – all those first ascents, remaking the oldest environmental organization into an activist group, saving Dinosaur, Point Reyes,…
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by: Chris Clarke – Spring 2006

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