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A Fine Balance

Scientists and traditional-knowledge keepers are attempting to restore the natural and cultural landscapes of the Haida Gwaii archipelago.

photo Dale SimonsonRather than preserving the nearly 140-year-old totem poles on a historic site on the islands, the Haida have chosen to let them age naturally, accepting their inevitable return to the earth. Adiamond-bright flash of sun reflected off the black dorsal fin of an orca as we approached Gandll K’in Gwaay.yaay, Hotspring Island, a small, remote isle along the northern coast of British Columbia. “There’s SGaana!” Captain Judson Brown, a member…
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by: Carol Patterson – Winter 2018

Prairie Chickens Reunite a Nebraska Ranch Family

Bird-watching tours help preserve vital habitat while supplementing family income

Life in the Nebraska Sandhills offers a remoteness not often found in the Lower 48. For Sandhill ranchers, the closest traffic signal can be 50 miles away. Their first-grader may ride the bus ninety minutes to school — one way. Six or…
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by: Carol Patterson – May 10, 2017

This Land Was Built for Bison

A former rancher uses his experience in low-stress cattle handling to manage bison herds in Canada’s Grasslands National Park

Back when Don Gillespie’s mother, Norah, was growing up on the family ranch in the mixed-grass prairie of southwestern Saskatchewan in west-central Canada there were few roads and fewer vehicles. Ranch work was done with horses and fence pastures were scarce. These…
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by: Carol Patterson – February 13, 2017


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