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A Child of Dystopia Reads Ecotopia

Ecotopia: The Novel of Your Future
by Ernest Callenbach
181 pages, Bantam New Age Book, 1975

Growing up in Northern California during the Reagan era I was what we then called a “Peace Punk.” My friends and I spent weekends protesting, getting strange haircuts, drinking too much – and worrying. After all, there seemed a lot to worry about: nuclear holocaust, acid rain, falling rainforests. I became an activist to channel my fears, and that eventually led to a career in the environmental movement. At garage sales in…
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by: Brian Smith – Spring 2011

The Travails of the Rails

I became an avid train rider a few years ago, after ditching my car for environmental reasons. Today, I also have an economic incentive to travel by train. With gasoline costs skyrocketing, Amtrak has reached what could be a tipping point — it’s now cheaper than driving for anyone traveling alone. The 80-mile train trip from my house in Oakland to my hometown of Stockton, CA costs $12. The same automobile trip…
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by: Brian Smith – Summer 2008


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