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An In-Depth Look at the New Face of the Automobile Industry

Review: Revenge of the Electric Car (Documentary)

Like its predecessor, Who Killed the Electric Car, Chris Paine’s new documentary, Revenge of the Electric Car, captures the significant, seemingly insurmountable challenges facing the nascent electric vehicle industry. But this time the story is more personal, and much more optimistic. When…
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by: Brian Scoles – November 4, 2011

Why we Need a Stiff Tax on Chinese Solar Goods

A Clear Benefit Would be to Stem the Flow of Cheap Chinese Panels that Lead to Devastating Pollution

The blogosphere is abuzz with news of struggle in the US solar industry. Last week, Solarworld, the largest manufacturer of conventional solar panels in the United States, submitted a petition for a tariff of more than 100 percent on solar panels imported…
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by: Brian Scoles – October 24, 2011

New Roots for Green Business

Mushrooms Grown on Coffee Waste Inspire Innovation and Cooperation

As the world economy increasingly collides with the limits of linear, “cradle-to-grave” production, more eyes are turning towards resource synergies, upcycling, and improved efficiencies to relieve some economic pressure and get more value with less waste. Photo by David JoyceUsed coffee can…
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by: Brian Scoles – October 18, 2011

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