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Occupy Everywhere: Notes from Wall Street

No Matter how Non-violent Protestors are, Growing Threat to Elite Power Will be met by Greater Resistance and Violence

“The biggest difference I see between China and the US is that in China, our government owns the corporations and in the US, the corporations own your government.” – Chinese people’s historian Liao Yiwu, July, 2010   All photos by Brian Awehali…
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by: Brian Awehali – October 14, 2011

Under the Eternal Sky

Multinational mining hordes eye Mongolia’s Earthly fortunes

Brian Awehali After spending several months in the epic clamor of industrializing China, I went to Mongolia looking for open spaces and unspoiled nature, for clean air, for hiking and horseback riding, and for nights still dark enough to terrify. In the countryside (and most of it remains countryside) the Eternal Sky held sacred by Mongolians since well before the time of Genghis Khan levitates with majesty over wide-open grassland prairie, steppe,…
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by: Brian Awehali – Winter 2011


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