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We Held a Memorial for the Thousands of Victims of Climate Change in South Asia. Here’s Why

Climate policies in the US have an impact on public health in countries like India and Pakistan

The weather is already turning. There’s that certain nip in the air and soon the 100°F temperatures that San Francisco has been seeing will be forgotten as we get swept into what everyone is hoping will be a rainy winter. But climate…
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by: Barnali Ghosh – October 9, 2015

Why South Asian Americans Are Speaking Out About Climate Change

When islands disappear in Bangladesh or crops fail in India, we're not looking at abstract numbers, but at people who may be part of our extended families

On Sunday, I was at the People's Climate March in New York City, learning, sharing, and marching with three generations of South Asian American activists to the beat of dhols (drums). It was an emotionally charged day. I have been working as…
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by: Barnali Ghosh – September 22, 2014

Fear of Flying

It started with An Inconvenient Truth. After watching Al Gore’s documentary, we used an online carbon calculator to figure our emissions footprint. We answered some basic questions about our lifestyle, hit “calculate” – and were shocked to find that our emissions were much higher than the US average. Why was the software making us look so bad? After all, we don’t own a car; we eat mostly vegetarian; we compost. A deeper…
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by: Barnali Ghosh – Summer 2011


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