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Why Is It Impossible to Find an Organic Cotton Bra?

Trying to Boycott Monstanto GMO Cotton Shouldn’t Be So Hard

When we get dressed morning, most of us probably don’t think much about the biotech giant Monsanto. But chances are that much of what you are wearing was created in one of the company’s top-secret labs: More than 70 percent of the…
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by: April Dávila – September 12, 2011

My Month Without Monsanto

Early this year I embarked on a challenging and unforgettable journey. I ventured into the dark reaches of my kitchen cabinets, the depths of my vegetable drawer, and the cobweb-covered corners of my spice rack. It was an expedition inspired not by any culinary magazine, but rather by a disturbing article on The Huffington Post. The report summarized an independent study that found undeniable signs of kidney and liver damage in rats…
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by: April Dávila – Winter 2011


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