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Urban Farming Doc Inspiring, But Glosses Over Deeper Challenges of the Sustainable Food Movement

Film Review: Growing Cities

Urban Farming has certainly hit it big. It has a Macarthur Genius (Will Allen), a proponent in the white house (Michelle Obama), and, now, a suite of films promoting its virtues. As an urban farmer, and one who’s been interviewed for some…
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by: Antonio Roman-Alcala – March 7, 2014

From Food Security to Food Sovereignty

By asking Who is in control here? the sustainable food movement sets example for broader green movement

It’s an exciting time for the good food movement. Sometimes it can feel as though the efforts to make agriculture more sustainable are the most visible and active component of the broader environmental movement. This shouldn’t be surprising. Our relationship to food…
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by: Antonio Roman-Alcala – May 21, 2013


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