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The Sharing Economy: Love It or Leave It?

As you’ve likely noticed, sharing is having a resurgence. The new sharing economy has created so much buzz that it even has a new name: collaborative consumption. With the aid of online tools and smartphone apps, people are sharing camping and sports gear, cars, spare bedrooms, and even jobs. But with the surge has come a heated debate about what truly qualifies as sharing and whether we ought to embrace or reject…
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by: Annie Leonard – Autumn 2014

Plastic Microbeads: Don’t Use as Directed

For decades, the producers of disposable packaging and products have tried to say it’s our fault that their toxic throwaway junk litters our landscapes, fouls our waters, and kills fish and wildlife. Their most ingenious and insidious effort was the iconic “Crying Indian” ad, which showed a supposedly Native American man (actually, an Italian-American actor) paddling a canoe through a trash-strewn river. As he walks along the shore, a passenger in a…
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by: Annie Leonard – Summer 2014

Environment vs. Equity: A Fake Choice

As he begins his last few years in office, President Obama is finally addressing the worsening inequality in this country. In his State of the Union speech, he declared: “Inequality has deepened. Upward mobility has stalled. The cold, hard fact is that even in the midst of recovery, too many Americans are working more than ever just to get by – let alone get ahead.” I’m thrilled the president is shining a…
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by: Annie Leonard – Spring 2014

Time to Shut Down the Anti-Government Extremists

By now barrels of ink and miles of ones-and-zeroes have been spilled parsing the “political narrative” of October’s 17-day-long shutdown of the federal government. But you can ignore most of what you heard from the capital’s political pundits. Here’s the thing to remember: This was not a classic Washington political “standoff,” “impasse,” “stalemate,” or any of the other euphemisms used to describe how Tea Party radicals tried to hold the country hostage…
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by: Annie Leonard – Winter 2014

It’s Time to Replace More with Better

Rethinking Consumerism

During a recent camping trip, my daughter was eager to teach me how to play bridge. In her excitement, she rattled off a baffling list of rules. “What’s the goal?” I asked. “Do I want to get more cards or get rid of them?” She patiently explained and, once I could orient myself towards the goal, I got it. Just like a card game, our economy has rules we’re taught to follow…
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by: Annie Leonard – Autumn 2013


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