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Make Room for Youth at the Table

Young folks are thinking outside the box and building a broader, diverse, and thriving environmental movement

There’s a lot wrong in this moment, but what is really right and on time and hope embodied — is that there are a whole lot more people, in a whole lot more spaces, building power. Now, many folks for a long…
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by: Anisha Desai – October 24, 2016

‘Stay Humble, Embrace Conflicting Viewpoints, and Love Your People Fiercely’

The environmental movement needs to learn how to better engage young folks and people of color

Editor’s Note: Brower Youth Awards Director Anisha Desai gave such a powerful call to arms to the environmental and social justice community at the awards ceremony in San Francisco on Tuesday evening, that we decided to run it pretty much as is…
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by: Anisha Desai – October 22, 2015


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