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In Nairobi, Lions on the Loose Raise Questions About Living Next Door to Big Wildlife

Nairobi National Park’s unique location makes it attractive to both conservationists and development proponents

On a hot February day in Nairobi, the Whatsapp group for my residents’ association chimed an urgent message: Lions had escaped from  Nairobi National Park. Living a few miles from the park, we were advised to stay home. Not long after the…
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by: Anena Hansen – August 31, 2016

Moving Forward Without “Mama Miti” a Daunting Task for her Followers

So far, Kenya's Political Leaders have Avoided Pledging to Continue Maathai’s Work

Her colleagues called her “Prof,” a nod to her being the first woman in East Africa to attain a PhD; rural Kenyans called her “Mama Miti,” or Mama Tree. She was a woman ahead of her time, a Kenyan who dared defy…
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by: Anena Hansen – October 13, 2011


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