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Who’s Going to Clean Up This Mess?

3 Films

Gasland by Josh Fox, International WOW Company, 101 minutes The Tiger Next Door by Camilla Calamandrei, Rolling River Films, 86 minutes Living Downstream by Chanda Chevannes, The Peoples Picture Company, 82 minutes At first glance, a documentary about natural gas, another about Americans who own exotic pets, and a third about the link between pesticides and fertilizers and cancer don’t seem to have much in common. But while the films Gasland, The…
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by: Amy Westervelt – Autumn 2010

Pollution Is a Civil Rights Issue

People whose income level limits their access to clean air and water, or puts them at greater risk of illness, death, or unemployment in the event of an environmental disaster are being denied the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of…
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by: Amy Westervelt – August 3, 2010

Toxic Baby Shampoo and Other Horrors

It's a well-documented fact by now that the soaps and shampoos we clean up with are, more often than not, filled with toxic chemicals. As are most perfumes, makeup, and even more basic items like contact solution. The Environmental Working Group has…
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by: Amy Westervelt – July 21, 2010

Gulf? What Gulf? Obama Admin Goes for More Drilling in Alaska

The Interior Department announced today--a Friday afternoon, perfect for avoiding press--the opening up of oil and gas drilling leases for 1.8 million acres of Alaska's National Petroleum Reserve to oil and gas drilling. Energy and Environment reports that the Bureau of Land…
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by: Amy Westervelt – July 9, 2010

HBO Doc GasLand Brings Natural Gas Debate to the Masses

  Natural gas. Even its name sets it up as an alternative to petroleum, despite the fact that the latter is also “natural.” For years now, everyone from oil tycoon-turned-wind magnate T. Boone Pickens to former Sierra Club executive director Carl Pope…
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by: Amy Westervelt – June 22, 2010

Those World Cup Uniforms Are Cool, but Plastic Recycling Is a Waste of Time

The plastic industry folks are really good at using the media to get their message out and they seem to have turned up the volume on one particularly misleading bit of information lately, placing story after story about plastics recycling being a…
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by: Amy Westervelt – June 16, 2010

BP Claims Cap Is Still Working while Second Oil Leak Spills Silently into the Gulf

By Beth Buczynski, Care2

Our partners over at Care2 have shared the following Gulf spill update: Throughout the five weeks that crude oil has been flowing freely into the Gulf of Mexico, there have been allegations, some fairly well substantiated, that BP isn’t being totally transparent…
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by: Amy Westervelt – June 9, 2010

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