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If Money Talks, Maybe It’s Time to Give Ecosystems a Voice

As traditional conservation methods fail to staunch biodiversity loss, some conservationists are embracing the idea of “ecosystems services”

Oysters help people. Besides the obvious benefits as a food source, healthy oyster reefs provide the critical service of reducing wave size and corresponding storm surges along temperate coasts around the world. Even so, more than 85 percent of oyster reefs have…
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by: Alex Johnson – March 28, 2013

Getting Out

Alex Johnson

The latticework of high-flying steel on the George Washington Bridge looks like a cage to me. Perhaps that’s what Tyler Clementi saw as he stared into the vanishing point where the walkway meets the lines of wire. You might have read about him. He was the freshman at Rutgers University whose roommate streamed footage of him in bed with another man. Mortified, Clementi drove to the George Washington Bridge and threw himself…
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by: Alex Johnson – Autumn 2011


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