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In the Pipeline’s Path

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is one among several projects threatening rural Appalachian landscapes and communities.

Bill and Lynn Limpert searched for years for a place to retire in the country. In April 2009, the couple from Frederick County, Maryland, finally settled on a small montane property near the village of Bolar in Virginia‚Äôs Bath County. Mountainous, thickly forested, with a population of just over 4,600, Bath County borders West Virginia in the Allegheny Mountains, and is known for its small farms, scenic beauty, and great stretches of…
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by: William H. Funk – Autumn 2016

An American Park

Shenandoah National Park pairs the crucial protection of wilderness with an ugly and undemocratic genesis

Shenandoah National Park in north-central Virginia, a rocky forested nearly 200,000-acre elongated portion of the Blue Ridge Mountains, was named after the adjacent Shenandoah Valley, which itself is named for the northbound river that joins the Potomac at Harper’s Ferry and whose…
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by: William H. Funk – July 13, 2016

Nature Needs Half

Conservation group promoting an ambitious new proposal for wilderness protection

During the last half century conservationists around the world have won some impressive victories to protect wild places. Here in the US, the Wilderness Act preserves some 110 million acres of public land. Private holdings by groups like The Nature Conservancy safeguard…
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by: William H. Funk – October 14, 2014

The Race to Save the East’s Old-Growth Forests

An exotic pest is decimating ancient hemlock trees, a keystone of eastern forests

When summer tightens its muggy grip along the Eastern seaboard, many of us follow our forebears’ historical lead and seek shelter in the breezy shade of the Appalachian forests. Cooled by canopies of mighty hemlock trees, the runs and rivers of the…
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by: William H. Funk – September 9, 2013


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