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Living With Wildfires

Can California rebuild with a better plan for the fires that will come again?

The 2017 Northern California wildfires, which have damaged or destroyed over 8,000 homes and buildings, scorched more than 200,000 acres, displaced 100,000 and killed at least 42 people, are, as Governor Jerry Brown put it: “one of the greatest tragedies California has…
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by: Tom Molanphy – November 6, 2017

Experts Hope Total Solar Eclipse Will Reinvigorate National Interest in Science and Nature

Citizen scientists across US will be collecting data on once-in-a-lifetime event

On August 21, for the first time in almost 100 years, a total solar eclipse will exclusively cross the United States. A 65-mile swath of darkness, the "path of totality" caused by the moon blocking all of the sun except its corona,…
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by: Tom Molanphy – August 18, 2017

Death of Silicon Valley Grey Foxes Point to Urgent Need for Wildlife Corridors

DNA bottlenecks, inbreeding make animals susceptible to disease, says “Fox Guy”

Bill “Fox Guy” Leikam hopes the most recent chapter in the story of the Silicon Valley urban fox is not the beginning of a tragedy for connecting healthy ecosystems. As reported by the San Jose Mercury News last week, up to 18…
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by: Tom Molanphy – January 13, 2017

Ancient Sand Dunes Under Threat from Development in California’s Bay Area

Advocacy group seeks to raise profile of Daly City dunes and its rare flowers

Fifty years ago, the Committee to Save San Bruno Mountain stopped a plan to lop off half of San Bruno Mountain to fill the San Francisco Bay and expand Foster City. Today, local environmental activists have a new challenge: getting the California…
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by: Tom Molanphy – October 13, 2016


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