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We Need to Talk About Meat Consumption and Climate Change

Government indifference is matched by widespread public ignorance about the climate impact of high levels of meat-eating

As negotiators in the Peruvian capital of Lima engage in the latest round of multinational talks aimed at finding ways of reducing global greenhouse gas emissions, one issue will be conspicuous in its absence — animal farming. The rearing of livestock and…
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by: Tom Levitt – December 8, 2014

A Much Trammelled Wild

I was almost crawling. One foot forward, a hand out in front. The other foot searching around for a firm setting to keep me moving along the arete. It was exhilarating, yet, if my eyes strayed over the 150- to 200-meter drop on either side of me, a little unnerving, too. My late-spring scramble across Striding Edge toward the summit of Helvellyn, England’s third highest peak, took me over one of the…
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by: Tom Levitt – Autumn 2014

China Gobbles the World

Meat consumption is skyrocketing in China – and that's bad news for the environment

When the world’s biggest pork producer, Smithfield Foods, was bought by China’s largest pork company last year, early coverage provoked fears of putting US hogs in the hands of foreigners. However, in time the deal may come to be seen as symptomatic…
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by: Tom Levitt – March 24, 2014

What’s the Beef?

Lab-grown meat could resolve the environmental and ethical problems of industrial agriculture. But will anyone eat it?

Mark Post had a slight grin on his face as he prepared to reveal the contents of the stainless steel food container in his hands. In front of him were a phalanx of photographers, cameras, and scribblers – an audience of more than 200 reporters from media outlets around the globe. The journalists gathered at the London auditorium were eagerly waiting to see – and perhaps even taste – the world’s most…
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by: Tom Levitt – Winter 2014


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