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Women and Gender Issues Missing from the Conversation at IUCN Conference

For sustainable conservation, women’s reproductive health and rights need to be guaranteed

The clock is ticking and global environmental problems are mounting, with droughts, biodiversity loss, and acidic oceans and much more taking a toll on the planet. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s World Congress, currently taking place in Hawai’i, is…
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by: Suzanne York – September 9, 2016

The Rights of Nature Movement Builds Momentum at Ecuador Conference

Effort seeks to recognize intrinsic value of ecosystems

Most of us who live in modern, industrialized societies have been conditioned to think of other living creatures as beings that exist solely for human uses. Non-human nature is here to serve us, or so we’ve been taught. We give little thought…
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by: Suzanne York – February 17, 2014

Rio+20 Failed to Take a Stand on Key Women’s Rights Issue

Official Declaration Omitted Specific Language on Women’s Reproductive Rights

The Rio+20 Earth Summit ended as expected — trumpeting the green economy as the path to sustainable development and leaving many environmental and civil society groups bitterly disappointed. Among the summit’s bigger failures was its refusal to acknowledge that women’s reproductive rights…
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by: Suzanne York – June 26, 2012

Empowering Women: The Key to a Sustainable Planet

At 7 Billion and Growing, We Need to Find Ways to Balance Both our Population and Overconsumption

The big news right now is that world population has just crossed the 7 billion mark. Somewhat surprisingly, a recent poll reflected that Americans are more concerned about population than climate change. Yet these are not stand-alone issues. Climate change and population,…
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by: Suzanne York – October 31, 2011

Creating a World Beyond Growth

Recognizing Rights of Nature can Help us Achieve a Healthy Planet

I just spent the better part of my weekend in a class discussing a global movement springing up around the concept of recognizing rights of nature, something I have been thinking a lot about recently. The class (and the movement) addressed a…
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by: Suzanne York – October 5, 2011


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