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Don’t Tell a Soul

Cave lovers worry that sharing their passion might just kill it.

photo: © Dave Bunnell / NBP/ Wilderness Left to my own devices, I would have walked right past the cave entrance without knowing it was there. It was no more than a crack in the ground, barely big enough to notice and nowhere near big enough to imagine climbing into. Bogdan, a geology professor in his 40s and as athletic as men 15 years younger, dropped into it without warning, the earth…
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by: Spencer Fleury – Autumn 2014

Can A Drive-Thru Really Be Green?

LEED certified buildings can’t negate the emissions from a long line of idling cars

There’s a rainwater catchment system on the roof of my west Florida neighborhood’s Dunkin’ Donuts outlet, collecting water to irrigate the restaurant’s own landscaping. There are electric car charging stations, for those Tesla owners who aren’t afraid to get a little powdered…
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by: Spencer Fleury – August 28, 2014


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