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Casualties of the Vanishing West

The American wild horse continues to lose habitat to special interest groups

Chief, a Kiger mustang born in the remote wilderness of Utah, lives with 400 other rescued wild horses and burros in a 1,500 acre sanctuary, hundreds of miles from his original home. Years ago the stallion was captured in a round up led by the Bureau of Land…
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by: Sonia Luokkala – October 26, 2015

War Games Set to Begin Today in the Pristine Gulf of Alaska

As the Navy unleashes 6,000 personnel for training exercises, local communities protest impacts on wildlife and fisheries

Today the US Navy plans to unleash 6,000 sailors, soldiers, airmen, Marines and Coast Guard members along with three Navy Destroyers, 200 aircrafts, untold weaponry, and a submarine to converge in war games in the Gulf of Alaska. The training exercises are…
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by: Sonia Luokkala – June 15, 2015

Abandoned Uranium Mines Plague Navajo Nation

Mining companies left behind a legacy of poisoned wells and contaminated earth

The mesas of Monument Valley rise deep red on the horizon. We are in Diné Bikéyah, land of the Navajo. “This is John Wayne country,” trained Navajo guide Gregory Holiday repeats his lines for an enchanted group of tourists. The view opens…
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by: Sonia Luokkala – May 5, 2015


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