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Phillips 66 Seeks to Increase Number of Oil Tankers on San Francisco Bay

Proposal could pose risk to local communities and wildlife

The oil company Phillips 66 wants to increase the number of tanker ships carrying crude oil across San Francisco Bay to its refinery in Rodeo — from 59 to 135 tankers per year. They have also proposed increasing the average amount of…
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by: Sejal Choksi-Chugh – September 29, 2017

Getting Smarter About Rain

How the San Francisco Bay Area can put rainwater to good use and improve drought resilience

This year, the Bay Area has been deluged with rain. After years of severe drought, we’re not complaining. However, the downpour has had side effects. Creeks, roads, and neighborhoods flooded. Sewage overflows caused major spills in local communities. Billions of gallons of…
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by: Sejal Choksi-Chugh – May 3, 2017

Cleaning up Fireworks Displays on San Francisco Bay

Advocates push for stronger regulation of Fourth of July shows to protect bay ecosystem

On July 4, all around San Francisco Bay, brightly colored fireworks will light up the night sky. It’s a fun tradition. But how much does the rockets’ red glare pollute the bay? Photo by Daniel Parks Fireworks displays over the bay are…
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by: Sejal Choksi-Chugh – July 1, 2016

Twin Tunnels Threaten San Francisco Bay

Massive infrastructure project would starve bay of fresh water, harm wildlife

Should local salmon be pushed to extinction? Should some Bay Area residents pay much higher water bills? Should San Francisco Bay be contaminated with toxic pollutants? Photo by Vlad Butsky The proposed water tunnels would harm San Francisco Bay’s birds, fish, and…
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by: Sejal Choksi-Chugh – April 1, 2016


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