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Risking Arrest in the Fight for Climate Action

Podcast ponders the role of civil disobedience in the climate movement for activists young and old

If you are trying to figure out how to respond to the mounting climate crisis, the newly released Stepping Up podcast has you covered. Each story tells a tale of people taking a stand in unique and surprising ways: A bunch of…
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by: Sarah Craig – August 22, 2017

Surprising Stories of Climate Activists

From kids, to grandparents, to climate clowns, Stepping Up podcast features the folks taking on global warming

There’s a new podcast on the audio scene, and it will spark both your interest and your imagination. Stepping Up tells the stories of climate advocates who are stepping up their game in unexpected ways. Grannies and kids, evangelicals and clowns, they…
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by: Sarah Craig – July 12, 2017


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