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Leave No Worker Behind

Will the just transition movement survive mainstream adoption?

photo Peg HunterGrassroots activists worry that that once taken over by philanthropies and governments entrenched in a corporate model, the principles that birthed the just transition movement – principles of bottom-up community leadership, cultural inclusion, food sovereignty, and localized economies – would be lost forever. “There is a right way to do ‘just transition.’” The statement echoes through the humid halls of the historic Stringer Grand Lodge Masonic Temple in Jackson, Mississippi,…
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by: Samantha Harvey – Summer 2018

Reflections on Houston in a Time of Contradiction

From city strangled by fossil fuels, a call to fight for a more equitable future

Last October I visited Houston for the first time. I grew up in the Midwest and have spent half my life in New York City — perhaps the least Texan person possible — but aside from a few cultural differences involving cowboy…
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by: Samantha Harvey – October 2, 2017


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