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Green Machine

The US Military is the World’s Largest Fuel Guzzler. It’s also Leading the Charge to Break Our Addiction to Oil.

Being the son of a physicist, and an historian by training, I never put much stock in lucky numbers, rabbits’ feet, special charms, and the like. In the summer of 2005, while serving in the US Army in Iraq, I reappraised that position. That year I regularly commuted down “Route Irish,” a four-mile stretch of highway running between central Baghdad and the city’s airport that, at the time, was known as “the…
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by: Robert Bateman – Autumn 2013

Fair Winds for Global Commerce by Sail

Shipping industry is showing renewed interest in fleets powered by wind energy

International cargo ports in Europe and the Caribbean are occasionally treated to an unusual sight these days – cargo vessels with billowing sails slipping in to dock between hulking container ships. The vessels are a symbol of a possible renaissance of the…
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by: Robert Bateman – April 16, 2013


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