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COP21: Private initiatives trumping international process?

Businesses’ involvement in climate talks “institutionalizes corporate influence over UN institutions," allege some civil society groups

A parallel process to the international climate negotiations taking place in Paris, that involves private businesses and other “non-state actors”  is taking away the steam from achieving an effective global climate deal, according to an international watchdog group. Tamar Laurence Samuel of…
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by: Paula Dupraz-Dobias – December 11, 2015

US Companies Importing Dirty Gold from Illegal Mining Operations in Peru

Despite government crackdown, new mines are cropping up, devastating virgin forests in the Peruvian Amazon

Correction/clarification: This story has been modified since its original posting. Kaloti Metals is not “a branch” of the Dubai-based Kaloti Precious Metals, as we originally reported; it is an independent, US-registered corporation that has a close partnership with its parent company in…
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by: Paula Dupraz-Dobias – January 7, 2015


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