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The Risks of Digital Delusion

Despite the online world, civilization is still subject to physical laws

A friend of mine recently related an amusing story: he was walking down a city street one day when a young man accosted him, in obvious distress. The youth thrust forward his face, pried open his bloody mouth with his fingers and…
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by: Paul Keeling – February 5, 2016

Keeping It Real

When our daughter was four, we went canoeing and camping in Wells Gray Provincial Park, British Columbia for three nights with another family, whose daughter was three. The girls entertained themselves easily, without even as much as a bucket and shovel. They spent the days splashing in the water, playing on the beaches, and whispering and laughing in their “secret spot” – a thicket of low Douglas fir branches bent over the…
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by: Paul Keeling – Spring 2015


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