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The Coal Battle Shifts to Southeast Asia

As China and India shift away from coal, the fight to end use of this dirty fuel is moving south

Coal is on the way out years ahead of schedule in China and India. A recent report by CoalSwarm (an Earth Island Project), Sierra Club, and Greenpeace showed that, in 2016, that Asia's two fastest growing economies are shutting down mines, scrapping…
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by: Nithin Coca – September 28, 2017

Conflicting Maps Complicate Fight Against Fires, Deforestation in Indonesia

Divergent land ownership claims make it difficult to hold accountable those responsible for igniting blazes, say advocates

Indonesia's annual fires are only getting worse, as last year’s massive event made clear. The fires alone made the country one of the world's biggest emitters of greenhouse gases in 2015, resulting in an estimated 1.6 billion tons of carbon equivalent emissions.…
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by: Nithin Coca – December 7, 2016

The High Cost of Indonesia’s Fires

Burning forests take steep toll on climate and human health

Enormous fires have been burning for several months on the Indonesian side of Borneo, and on Sumatra. The resulting haze has been a catastrophe for the region, with severe impacts for human health and wildlife. The fires are also a climate disaster,…
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by: Nithin Coca – December 3, 2015


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