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David Suzuki’s Grandson Discusses Tar Sands, Climate Justice, and Activism

In Conversation: Tamo Campos

Tamo Campos may be best known as the grandson of award-winning scientist David Suzuki. He is also, however, an accomplished snowboarder, filmmaker, and environmentalist from Vancouver, British Columbia.  Photo by Nicole Ellena Campos founded Beyond Boarding, a collective of snowboarders, surfers, artists,…
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by: Nicole Ellena – November 20, 2015

The Fight For Chile’s Environment Is Not Over

The country’s coastline and Patagonia region are constantly under threat from proposed industrial projects

The Chilean government’s decision in June to scrap plans to build the HidroAysén mega-dam project on two of Patagonia’s wildest rivers, is definitely cause for celebration, but the battle to protect Chile’s rich natural world is far from over. The country’s coast…
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by: Nicole Ellena – August 12, 2014


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