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A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Planet Earth

Where humans go, so go our dependents and hangers-on. As we’ve roamed the planet, we have deliberately taken with us the domesticated plants and animals that we rely on for sustenance. We also have accidentally carried along a host of pests, opportunists, and masters of adaptation. Without us, these species may be evolutionary winners or simply lost in the shuffle. With us, they are among the planet’s most successful and widely distributed…
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by: Nate Seltenrich – Spring 2013

‘Coral Atoll Nations and Bangladesh Are the Canary in the Coalmine for Sea Level Rise’

Conversation: Brook Meakins, Climate Victims’ Attorney

Oakland attorney Brook Meakins is only 30 years old and fresh out of law school, but that hasn’t stopped her from emerging as a global leader in a surprising new field. Since 2010, Meakins has worked to understand the legal needs of…
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by: Nate Seltenrich – June 4, 2012


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