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South African Government to Appeal Court Ruling Lifting Ban on Domestic Rhino Horn Trade

Moratorium on trade will remain in place until appeal is heard

South Africa’s Department of Environmental Affairs has indicated that it will appeal a recent court decision lifting South Africa’s six year moratorium on the domestic rhino horn trade. If the appeal is granted, the ban on the domestic horn trade will remain…
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by: Michael Sainato – December 8, 2015

Florida’s First Black Bear Hunt in Decades Wipes Out Nearly 300 Bears

Wildlife officials end the season after just two days as hunters exceed regional quotas

It was a sad weekend for bears in Florida. Saturday marked the start of Florida’s first statewide bear hunt since 1972. Wildlife officials ended the season on Sunday after hunters killed 295 bears in just two days, approaching the statewide limit of…
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by: Michael Sainato – October 27, 2015

Biodiversity Limits Disease Outbreaks Among Humans and Wildlife

Habitats with a wide variety of plants and animals serve as biological buffers from pathogens, says study

That protecting nature and its biodiversity provides us with numerous benefits — from aesthetic pleasure, cultural, and spiritual enrichment, to safeguarding life as we know it on Planet Earth — is quite well known. Now there’s increasing evidence that maintaining a wide…
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by: Michael Sainato – August 31, 2015

Protected Areas in the United States Too Small, Disconnected to Preserve Biodiversity, Studies Find

In fragmented habitats, nearly half of all species are lost within 20 years

The US National Park System includes more than 400 sites spread across some 84 million acres. But few national parks are large enough to contain ecosystems. Two new studies reveal that America’s national parks and other protected public lands are too small…
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by: Michael Sainato – June 4, 2015


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