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When A River Doesn’t Run Through It

Pete McBride talks about his work on the Colorado River and the Ganges

Photographer and filmmaker Pete McBride is a lover of rivers. His work has focused on rivers around the world, including the Ganges in India and the Navua River in the Fijian headlands. In the United States, McBride’s photos and films have centered…
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by: Melina Sempill Watts – November 26, 2014

Nativescaping: Habitat Restoration, One Garden at a Time

Go wild in your garden

Looking to heal our world? The first step is in your own backyard: One of the easiest ways to restore the wild is to prioritize native plants in your home garden. Photo by Pete Veilleux/East Bay Wilds NurseryA Northern California native garden.…
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by: Melina Sempill Watts – March 21, 2014


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