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Sharing the Lands we Love

It’s hard to watch a once-secret gem become overwhelmed with visitors.

If you’ve never been to the Great Sand Dunes, picture a large crescent of the Saudi Arabian desert plopped down at the foothills of the dramatic Sangre de Cristo Mountains that traverse southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. The tallest dunes in North America, they attract over 300,000 visitors every year. But it wasn’t always that way. photo Zach Dischner I first visited the dunes in 2002 prior to their designation as…
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by: Maya Silver – Summer 2016

Stalked from the Skies

Do drones have a place in hunting?

As Dayglo-orange cloaked sportsmen head out into the woods for the fall hunting season, some may have a few new tools in their arsenal. In addition to calls, decoys, and scent eliminators, drones can now give hunters another edge over their prey.…
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by: Maya Silver – September 29, 2014


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