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Coral Die-Off Reveals Truths About Our Interconnected World

To save reefs we need to first fix the quality of our air and water

In June 2012 author and illustrator Liz Cunningham visited the Turks and Caicos Islands – a tiny crescent of windblown, handkerchief-sized coral islands just north of Haiti and the Dominican Republic – to research her upcoming book on ocean conservation, Ocean Country.…
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by: Liz Cunningham – June 14, 2013

Seagrass Meadows — Underwater Carbon Sinks More Efficient Than Forests

The Greatest Threat to Seagrass is the Very Phenomenon It Counteracts, Global Warming

Adapted from the upcoming book, Ocean Country Humor me: take the deepest breath you can, inhaling deep into your abdomen. And hold it as long as possible. When you finally can’t hold it any longer, exhale and take a new breath. Last…
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by: Liz Cunningham – May 25, 2012


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