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Forecast: Uncertain

Trapped between two big climate polluters, Myanmar is already being battered by the worst impacts of global warming. But it has limited capacity to adapt

photo Eddie Gerald / Alamy Stock PhotoMyanmar is ranked second for long term climate risk in Germanwatch's Global Climate Index, behind Honduras and ahead of Haiti, with a death toll from severe weather events that dwarfs both. The tree of life is supposed to be a metaphor, a research tool to explore how life evolves and how living creatures are related. But for U Mya Tan Aung the metaphor is quite literal.…
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by: Kendra Pierre-Louis – Summer 2017

A Ramble Through the Woods Can Help Beat Stress-Related Health Issues

The Japanese concept of Shinrin-yoku, or “forest bathing”, is now supported by a growing body of research

It starts subtly. Your pulse slows slightly… slightly. Not enough to stop taking your blood pressure pills, of course, but enough that you almost forget to take them.Then the persistent eye twitch you’d feared signaled some malevolent disease, but which your doctor…
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by: Kendra Pierre-Louis – July 11, 2014


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