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Will Silicon Valley Take on Energy Access?

As the smartphone industry turns its attention to emerging markets, energy poverty poses a challenge

With interest from Elon Musk to a16z’s Steven Sinofsky, momentum in Silicon Valley may be heading in an unlikely direction — towards addressing energy poverty. Energy poverty, which affects 1.3 billion people around the world who lack access to electricity, is, according…
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by: Justin Guay – June 8, 2015

India’s Coal Crisis

While Crushing Social and Environmental Impacts haven’t Curbed India’s Coal Rush, Harsh Economic Realities May

There is currently a struggle being waged across India against a coal rush that saw the approval of 173 coal-fired power plants last year alone – nearly one project every working day. This rush has been met with local opposition leading to…
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by: Justin Guay – April 4, 2012


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