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Fostering Scientific Inquiry and Environmental Awareness

From documenting shark sightings to scoping out urban owl habitat, Earth Island projects are embracing citizen science in their work

Earth Island Journal’s summer cover story, “Citizens Afield,” is all about citizen science and how it is contributing to essential research while also transforming our relationships with the natural world and changing age-old ideas about who can do science and how and…
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by: Journal Staff – June 25, 2018

Environment Takes the Biggest Hit in Trump’s Budget Blueprint

EPA budget slashed by 31 percent, funding for key climate change programs scuttled

Donald Trump’s first budget blueprint, released today, hits the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other federal climate change programs and initiatives the hardest while rewarding extractive industries and polluters. Photo by Joel DindaTrump's budget blueprint slashes funding for the EPA and eliminates…
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by: Journal Staff – March 16, 2017

Youth Voices at the COP21 Climate Talks

Young activists remain hopeful as they push to be heard in Paris

Brower Youth Award winners Dyanna Jaye, Chloe Maxmin, and Ryan Camero are in Paris attending the COP21 climate negotiations. The three young environmental leaders are participating in the talks as part of a US youth delegation with SustainUS, an organization that empowers young people to engage in advocacy.…
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by: Journal Staff – December 11, 2015

Turn Up the Heat Locally, Urge Climate Groups Following Cancellation of Marquee Paris March

Concurrent marches planned in cities across the world during COP21 have now taken on added significance

It’s final: The November 29 marquee climate march in Paris has been cancelled. A week ago (November 17) we reported climate change activists saying that they would press on with a major march in Paris on November 29 despite the French government’s…
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by: Journal Staff – November 24, 2015

This Amazing Beach Art Will Give You a Moment of Zen

Artist Andres Amador seeks to highlight the power of the impermanent

Andres Amador says that when he’s in the midst of creating one of his epic beach art installations, passers-by often become anxious when they notice the tide coming in. Many viewers just can’t grasp that someone would take the time to create…
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by: Journal Staff – April 10, 2015


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