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In Conversation with Cascadia’s Shannon Wilson

Veteran forest defender discusses 30 years of ecosystem advocacy

Forests store and sequester mind-boggling quantities of carbon, making forest protection one of the most effective (and simplest) actions we can take to buffer our planet against the ravages of climate change — a fact that “ecosystem advocate” Shannon Wilson is well…
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by: Josh Schlossberg – October 13, 2017

Adventures in Canyonlands

On car troubles, nuclear power, and life in the desert

“Next services on I-70 110 miles,” warns the sign on the side of the highway just outside Green River, Utah, the longest stretch of Interstate in the country without a gas station. And that’s one of the reasons I love Utah. Despite…
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by: Josh Schlossberg – June 20, 2017

Generating Controversy

Biomass energy has been drawing increasing scrutiny in recent years.

Kevin Bundy has tramped through his share of forests in California’s Sierra Nevada. Where he sees a diverse ecosystem of ponderosa pine, incense cedar, and white fir, prime wildlife habitats, and one of the world’s best buffers against climate change, many public and private land managers see something different. Of course, they too observe living forests, but they also see tinder for future wildfires, as well as an opportunity to procure home-grown,…
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by: Josh Schlossberg – Autumn 2016

‘New Conservationists’ Push for Logging to Prevent Wildfires

Critics speculate there’s another reason for firing up the chainsaws: biomass energy

The Nature Conservancy’s Russ Hoeflich might not like the spotlight, but he’s among the vanguard of a new conservation movement hoping to move beyond conflicts with the timber industry to find common ground on forest management.   Abandoning the long-time environmentalist focus…
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by: Josh Schlossberg – March 22, 2016

Media Bias for Biomass Energy?

The majority of biomass energy reporting ignores the health and environmental impacts of this alternative fuel source

The media is finally starting to pay attention to the growing trend of cutting down forests for biomass energy. Unfortunately, according to a recent survey conducted by The Biomass Monitor, this attention seems to be biased. In fact, 76 percent of U.S.…
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by: Josh Schlossberg – May 7, 2015

Will National Forests Be Sacrificed to the Biomass Industry?

The US Forest Service wants to sell our forests for fuel in the name of wildfire reduction

If we’re to believe the biomass energy industry, the US Forest Service, and a chorus of politicians from both sides of the aisle, we can solve the energy crisis, cure climate change, and eradicate wildfire by logging and chipping our national forests…
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by: Josh Schlossberg – October 15, 2014


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