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A Radical Plan to Save African Rhinos

Controversial project would airlift rhinos to Australia, establish an ‘insurance’ population in response to poaching

African rhinos are being poached at an alarming rate. In South Africa, which is home to 95 percent of the continent’s rhino population, a rhino is killed every six hours. At this pace, these animals will be extinct within the next decade.…
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by: Josh Gabbatiss – August 18, 2016

Is Whale Shark Ecotourism Really Eco-Friendly?

Swimming with whale sharks, a popular tourist activity, is raising concerns about impacts on the world’s largest fish

Big fish are big business on Isla Mujeres. Aside from its traditional offers of sun, sea, and sand, this 2,000 foot-wide island off the coast of Cancun has garnered a reputation for being a hub of Mexican whale shark tourism. Photo by…
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by: Josh Gabbatiss – March 24, 2016


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